In 2003, our founder Mario Guerra started a small business as a distributor of industrial lubricants in Southern California. Before long, he noticed a need for longer lasting lubricating grease and lubricants. Unfortunately, the high performance lubricants on the market at the time were too costly and the affordable lubricants didn't offer long lasting protection against bearing wear. So he set out to start his own line of extreme pressure industrial lubricants with a network of experts in the field.

Today, Extreme Industrial Lubricants, Inc. takes pride in offering the highest performing industrial lubricants at economical prices through experienced and knowledegable distributors across North America.

About Us

If your equipment is under extreme conditions, chances are the lubricant being used is breaking down due to water wash-out, high temperatures, heavy loads, dust or other contaminants; causing premature wear on bearings, downtime, and excessive repair and labor costs. Our goal is to help find the right lubricant for your most difficult applications in order to save your company time and money.

Company Goal

Extreme Lubricants for Extreme Conditions!