F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1- Which of your greases would you recommend for bearings?

Our SMG Gold (Superior Multipurpose Grease) is a semi-synthetic grease which can be used in most harsh industrial applications. Its new technology enables it to withstand more heat, extreme pressure and water-wash conditions than lithium and aluminum complex greases.

2- Which grease do you recommend in a Food Processing Plant?

Our Super FG (Superior Food Grade Grease) is used in applications with incidental contact with food such as in farms, bakeries, bottling plants and food processing plants. If you do not use food grade grease in these applications, you may contaminate the food and risk fines from governmental inspectors.

3- Is your extreme pressure grease compatible with competing greases?

We pride ourselves in using an additive technology which is compatible with most other greases such as lithium and aluminum complex. Meaning, there are no worries about having to clean out the existing grease before using our grease for the first time. That being said, we are not compatible with clay based grease which is not very common in the marketplace due to its incompatibility with other types of greases. Due to the sometimes complex nature of some synthetic greases, most lube engineers will recommend purging out the old grease when using a new grease for the first time...a very good practice if you want to avoid oil bleed, grease softening or even hardening of the grease mixture.

4- Many grease types will harden in colder climates. Which grease do you recommend in a manufacturing plant in Montreal, Canada?

Our SMG Gold is recommended for indoor use in very cold climates. For outdoor use in these colder climates, where temperatures sometimes reach -40C/-40F, we  recommend our Super FG  or LTG-1 which has an even wider temperature range.

5- Many greases will bleed in hi temps. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and the grease I use on my garage door will drip onto my car in the hot summer. Do you have a grease for the hot desert?

Our SMG Gold remains very stable at very high temperatures. It will not bleed onto your car...guaranteed. Our Super FG has an even wider temperature range...withstanding the continuous hi temps in bakeries, tortilla plants and industrial ovens.

6- Your grease is more expensive than most lithium greases or aluminum complex greases. Why should I buy your grease?

We agree that you don't need to pay for a high performance grease on light duty applications. But if your grease is breaking down due to harsh conditions, such as hi temps, dusty environment, extreme pressure, or wet conditions...you can save lots of time and money on grease, parts, labor and most expensive of all..."downtime". Our lubricants are all Satisfaction Guaranteed. Feel free to read the testimonials on this web site and see how customers say the grease pays for itself...sometimes tenfold!